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Postal address:

Voshage 18
5258 XN Berlicum
The Netherlands

Office address:

Voshage 18
5258 XN Berlicum
The Netherlands
(+31) (0) 6 5193 3504




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About us


Digitourist is an internet company that focuses on making tourist information about Europa more reliable and accessible. Digitourist provides a fast and easy travel guide for the user, free of charge.

Background information

The internet is a great help for tourists allowing Digitourist to choose a graphical interface, in other words, we let the images speak for themselves. 
By offering information in this way, you as a tourist have all the basic information immediately available. In addition, in every pop-up there is a link to the company’s website. So the tourist information is now accessible to everyone, regardless of the country you inhabit or the language you speak. This is the key advantage when compared to the traditional, language dependent search engines. Advertising companies benefit from this advantage as they have a much larger target group to draw traffic to their own website.

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