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What is Digitourist?
Digitourist is meant to provide tourists with the right digital information in the most effective way. To this effect, Digitourist links photos and routes to locations. What you see is what you get. So Digitourist is predominantly visual with little reading. Due to the set up of the database, you can quickly gain insight into what activities in a given area are of interest to you.

Digitourist distinguishes itself from other websites because the website hardly contains any text. This means that the visitor, regardless of the language they speaks, can make use of the website and see what places of interest there are in a given area. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Dutchman in Italy or a Spaniard in Germany. The website can be used by everyone, the photos speak for themselves. The website is especially interesting for advertisers as foreign visitors can finally be reached.
How is the website financed?
The website contains a lot of information from companies and organisations. Companies and organisations have the option to agree to a contract to place photos and other information on Digitourist against payment. In addition, companies with a contract have more visibility on the website. In this way, companies and organisations can effectively promote their activities on Digitourist.
Why a free listing (free pin)?
Not all companies and organisations have a contract to list their basic information on Digitourist. Organisations without contracts are recognisable on the website with the pin for a free listing. Digitourist prefers to list their basic information on the website to ensure a comprehensive offer. If a website visitor clicks on the free pin, the company’s basic information appears, such as address, star rating, favourites and website in a pop-up screen. Depending on the amount of paid pins in a region, Digitourist may decide to remove a free pin.
What are the options for free pins?
A company can place one logo or one photo on the pop-up page of the company free of charge, so right away an impression of the place of interest appears.
What is the benefit for you as a tourist?
The benefits are numerous. If you go on holiday, you want know what places of interest there are in the vicinity of your holiday spot. To do this, you need books and maps, you collect brochures and leaflets at your holiday destination or you check out the internet. Especially abroad, looking on the internet is often complex and time consuming. Digitourist is a tool to select information that is interesting to you quickly and easily. With a few clicks of a button, you choose your location and compose your personal travel guide with topics that interest you. By downloading or emailing this personal travel guide, you have the information anytime, anywhere. No more need for suitcases with maps and travel guides, just a file with all necessary information on the locations you have selected and want to visit.
What is the benefit for you as an advertiser?
Digitourist functions according to the concept "what you see is what you get". Therefore, you can place a number of photos for an additional payment. With these photos you can present yourself to the visitors and visitors can immediately see what you have to offer. You also get your own company page in which you can put a summary of up to 1500 characters and photos are placed on the company page as well as the opening times. Visitors also have the option to leave feedback that other users can read. Finally, a route planner can be consulted so the travel time and travel distance can be determined, preventing the unwelcome surprise of disappointing travel times. If visitors are interested, they can get additional information by going to your own website. A website they might otherwise never have found.
What do I do if my company’s information is incorrect?
Under contact there are several email addresses. You can click on the email “Wrong information” and provide your correct information. We will verify this information. The information on the website will be amended once we have found that this is indeed incorrect. Your cooperation is important to keeping the website up to date.
What do I have to do if I want to add a company or an organisation?
You have to be logged in to add a free point. To do this, you first have to create an account. Under My Favourites there is a button indicating “Add point’’. With this button you can add your company’s information. In the manual you can find a description of how to do this. We strive to include your company on our website within 5 working days. The information you would like to add is verified by Digitourist employees. Digitourist reserves the right not to place information on the website. Should this be the case, you will be informed of this by email. If you would like a paid account, you can notify us by email. We will then contact you.
What do I have to do if I want to add a new walking route?
You have to be logged in to add a free point. To do this, you first have to create an account. Under My Favourites there is a button indicating “Add route’’. With this button you can add the information of the new route. Preferably also send a .gpx- or .kml-file as an attachment, so we can depict the route on the map. Furthermore, the route has to be clearly indicated. Only indicated routes are listed.
Will the website be expanded further?
We work daily to expand the website with new points and new locations. Over time, we will also be adding other tourist places of interest. You will see them appear on our website. Naturally, we will also state this on our Facebook page.
What do the coloured markers stand for?
The colour of the marker corresponds to the colour of the icon for the respective activity.
A red pin represents "place of interest" (interesting city, nature of building).
An orange pin represents a museum.
A yellow pin represents an amusement park or water park.
A green pin represents a zoo or aquarium.
A blue pin represents sporting activities.
A purple pin represents a walk.
What can I use my personal account for?
With your personal account you get the option to store places or activities you find interesting in your favourites. This way, you can make your own personal travel guide of the area in which you are holidaying. You can download, print or email this information to other users. In this way, you will always have this information available, even if you temporarily don’t have internet access. You also need a personal account to add a new pin.
How does Digitourist deal with Copyright?
We have collected all photographs from the internet. When selecting photographs, we have tried to avoid using photos subject to copyright. Unfortunately, this cannot always be avoided as photographs are often not provided with a copyright symbol, have been used on several occasions and the original source is not known. If you notice that we are using a photograph subject to copyright, please let us know via the contact form. We will then immediately remove the photograph from our web site.