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Postal address:

Voshage 18
5258 XN Berlicum
The Netherlands

Office address:

Voshage 18
5258 XN Berlicum
The Netherlands
(+31) (0) 6 5193 3504




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Privacy Policy / General Terms and Conditions

This Privacy Policy is applicable to the services of Digitourist. By making use of this website you accept the privacy policy. Digitourist respects the privacy of all its website users and ensures that all personal information you provide is treated confidentially.

Our use of collected data

When you register for Digitourist, we will ask you for your email address and some personal details. These details are used to provide the service. The details are stored on our own protected servers and not issued to any third parties.


If you send us an email or any other type of message, we may keep these messages. Sometimes we may ask you for personal details that are relevant to that situation. This makes it possible for us to process your questions and answer your requests.


This website does not make use of "cookies". The website makes use of Google Maps. The Google Maps website may place cookies.


We do not collect or use any information for other purposes than the purposes described in this privacy policy unless we have received prior permission.

Third parties

Your details are not shared with third parties.


This privacy policy is adapted to the use and possibilities of this website. Any amendments and/or changes of this website, may lead to amendments of this privacy policy. Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly read this privacy policy.

General Terms and Conditions

1: Digitourist strives to offer the information as adequately and error-free as possible. All errors cannot however be entirely ruled out. Digitourist cannot be held liable for the consequences of any errors. Digitourist does offer the option to send us an email to provide information on any errors found on the website. Digitourist checks this email and, if necessary, implement corrections.

2: Digitourist is authorised to add or remove the listing of a non-contracted company.

3: Strong language and offensive photos will not be accepted and will be removed from the website once detected. Digitourist cannot be held liable for the use of language or information placed on the website by third parties.

4: Placing additional information on the website is subject to payment. If the payment has not been received in time, this will be regarded as termination of the contract. In this case, Digitourist has the right to remove the information and/or listing from the website.

5: You are strongly advised to keep personal information such as your account name and password secret. Digitourist cannot be held liable for the consequences of any unwanted use of your account.

6: Everybody gets the opportunity to add his company or organisation. You can do this through “Add point”. The information will be verified by one of our employees. Digitourist may opt to not place the information supplied at any time. You will always receive an email detailing whether the information will be placed on the website or not.

7: Where possible, any correspondence will be conducted in the language of your country. In some cases, you may receive a reply in English. In that case you are yourself responsible for the correct translation of this message.