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What is special on the Norwegian routes is the use of spectacular architecture and art. Norwegian architects and designers combined this with the Norwegian nature, and in various ways changed the view. This initiative is called the National Tourist Routes.

17 routes

United Kingdom

These tourist routes take you through some of the most impressive landscapes of the country. You will find many wonderful attractions and charming towns and villages to visit.

10 routes


Germany has a large number of tourist routes. These routes give you an ideal opportunity to explore Germany by car, camper or motor. The routes each have their own thema.

7 routes


France has a number of interesting tourist routes. The routes can be divided into themed routes and scenic routes. Not all routes are signposted.  With the information Digitourist offers, you can follow the French routes easily.

7 routes


Spain has more to offer than sun and beach. Spain has a rich history and a beautiful culture. Drive through beautiful landscapes, through enchanting villages and towns, rich in architecture and art. Enjoy the Spanish country.

5 routes


In Switzerland we only have one tourist route, but it is almost 1800 km long. Of course you can also drive parts of this Grand Tour or Switzerland.

1 routes


Discover Ireland. Look for historical treasures and breathtaking landscapes. Travel along ancient castles, beautiful gardens, fishing villages and high cliffs.

1 routes

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