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Spain has more to offer than sun and beach. Spain has a rich history and a beautiful culture. Drive through beautiful landscapes, through enchanting villages and towns, rich in architecture and art. Enjoy the Spanish country.

Arte prehistórico en Asturias

Between 22.000 and 10.000 BC, the first settlers on the Iberian Peninsula lived on the coasts and in the valleys of Asturias. You can find rock carvings and paintings from this period which provide an insight into their vision of life and nature. The most representative caves have been included as part of the transnational route known as “Arte prehistórico en Asturias”, the Route of Prehistoric Rock Art.

Cáceres to Trujillo

Trujillo, a mediaeval town and cradle of conquistadors, is an outstanding tourist destination. The route from Cáceres, passes through meadows for bulls, and the distinctive Iberico pig. The villages of whitewashed houses, ancient mansions, churches and castles are ideal place for stopping on our way.

Route des moulins à vent

The route runs near the city of Toledo and is the setting for the adventures of Don Quixote, the character brought to life by Miguel de Cervantes. Along the way, you'll see wide open plains and small mountain ranges with one of the region's symbols: the windmills of La Mancha.

Ruta de Castillos de la Comunidad de Madrid

The fortifications and watchtowers established by the Moors to defend their lands againstthe Christians, guarded the passes in the Sierra de Guadarrama, the valleys and the river basins They ended up being taken over by the Crown of Castile. Later on, they were used for palaces for the Christian population.

Ruta de Goya en Aragón

Francisco de Goya y Lucientes, one of the greatest Spanish painters, was born in a small village in Aragon called Fuendetodos. His long career took him to various different countries, but he left numerous examples of his artistic talent in his own homeland. Following Ruta de Goya en Aragón is an way for visiting the region Aragon.

Ruta de los Castillos de Jaén

This route runs through the province of Jaén and through part of the provinces of Ciudad Real and Granada. You will see the remains of structures from important military events of the past like the war between Hannibal's Carthaginians and the Roman Empire, then between Muslims and Christians , and finally between the troops of Napoleon and the Spanish army.

Ruta Pueblos Blancos

The Sierra de Cadiz, a rugged, delightful, green and exciting route: the Ruta Pueblos Blancos. Look at the spectacular landscapes and beautiful white villages, of an extraordinary architectural and ecological wealth. The area is known for its gastronomy rooted in age-old traditions.