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The Netherlands

The routes in the Netherlands and its border region are formed by a series of tourist highlights connected by the most beautiful roads of the region. The routes guarantee a nice day tour through the Netherlands.


The Hamaland route connects the east of the Netherlands with the west of Germany and takes you through Twente, Münsterland and the Achterhoek.


This part of the Netherlands has its own character with its steep hills, varied flora and fauna, idyllic old villages with road crosses, Maria chapels, half-timbered houses, castles and numerous buildings built from marl. Get off the road to enjoy nature (for example in Boswachterij Vaals or the Bunderbos) or to taste the Burgundian culture (on one of the attractive terraces in Maastricht).


A large part of Northeast Twente, also called Twenteland Sagenland, is a valuable cultural landscape. Old customs have been better preserved than elsewhere. For example, who knows the Ghost Hare, the Hellhound or the Devil in the cowskin? In the Twente villages, these and other figures live on in sagas and legends that match the varied landscape of forests, meadows and fields, crossed by rivers and streams.